Summer plans for high school juniors?

Whatever you choose, do something productive! Whether it’s a job, an internship, community service, or an academic program, spend your time challenging yourself and/or learning about something that interests you. Many summer programs have deadlines in the early spring, so be sure to start the hunt for the perfect way to invest your time as soon as possible. Explore our list of recommended extracurricular activities and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Colleges want students who don’t simply watch TV and sleep in when they’re not in school, so this is a great chance to prove to them that you never stop exploring the world around you. If it’s any added incentive, there are plenty of colleges that will flat-out ask in an essay prompt how you spent the summer before senior year. Have a good answer! Remember, this is not just to pad your resume — it’s to hone your interests and broaden your horizons.

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