SAT Subject Tests: why take them?

While only a select few colleges still require Subject Tests, ALL schools still accept them! Strong Subject Test scores reinforce strong grades and can even make Admissions officers more forgiving of weaker grades; for instance, getting a B in a class but scoring well on the Subject Test shows that you understand the material but perhaps had a tough teacher. If you don’t do well on any Subject Tests you decide to take, you don’t have to send the scores — but if you ace them (or even just one), you’ll send them to all of the schools on your list! Remember, sophomores and juniors alike should take the Subject Tests for current history and science courses at the end of this school year — typically in May or June — when the material is still fresh (and they’re already preparing for AP exams or finals). Subjects like math, foreign language, and literature can be taken at any time of year, as students are continuously adding to their knowledge/comprehension of these subjects, but we advise not waiting until fall of senior year (if it can be avoided), as there is already so much stress during those months. We recommend taking diagnostic tests at the end of March to determine how close you are to your goals and which tests you want to proceed with (if any).

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