Not only do college applications often ask how students spent their summers (and you don’t want your answer to be “played video games and went to the beach”!), but these months grant teenagers a real opportunity to explore their interests or make a difference in their communities. Students, here are a few suggestions to ensure that you have a productive but fun break:

  1. Summer programs can introduce you to academic subjects that you may not have the chance to delve into during high school (neuroscience, 3D design, engineering, entrepreneurship, etc).
  2. Internships give you the chance to explore potential careers with limited commitment. Spend a month working at a PR firm or shadowing doctors at a hospital, then ask yourself: Is this something I can picture doing every day for the rest of my life?
  3. Invest your time and energy in a cause that matters to you. Are you dedicated to environmental conservation, or do you want to find ways to help our veterans? The longer you stick with a particular cause, the more rewarding it will be and the greater impact you will have.
  4. A paid job not only offers the obvious benefit of disposable income, but it also shows colleges that you are responsible (after all, someone values your contribution enough to pay you!).

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