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Powerful Words For Winning Resume

When creating your first professional resume, it is vital to use a template appropriate for your level of experience. Clearly, if you have never had a job that was paid (or even unpaid, for that matter), the focus of your resume will be very different than that of someone who has worked at a local law firm for years. Woman Graduate Student Unemployment

A lot of first-time job applicants forego a clear, easy-to-read format in lieu of something more “eye-catching” — but unless you’re applying for a digital design position (and even then), err on the side of convention. Consider what skills you have that make you a strong applicant, and be sure to highlight them. This is just like your college essays…time to draw attention to what you have to offer that other applicants don’t.

Above all else…PROOFREAD! Nothing is a bigger turn-off for employers than misspelled words, formatting errors, et cetera. If you aren’t careful when applying for jobs, why should they trust that you’ll be a diligent, hard-working employee once you’re hired?

Our Career Counselors have experience in both recruiting and Human Resources, and they will help you create and/or polish a resume that will stand out from the competition. Additionally, they can help you research positions that suit your interests and skill set (based on job assessment and personality tests), prepare for interviews, navigate the world of networking, and weigh the pros and cons of various positions and careers.

Explore our various Career Counseling packages and determine which is best for you.

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