Our experienced college counselors can help students perfect their admissions essays and tackle the application process as a whole, as well as help younger students create a plan to maximize their high school years. We also have counselors who specialize in athletic recruitment, the transfer process, and graduate school applications, so our counseling staff will be able to help you reach any of your higher education goals.


Already know how many hours you want?  Purchase a package of counseling hours at a discounted hourly rate and receive free proctored exams and all required materials.


Unsure how much help you'll need?  Learn more about our college counseling services and book a 1.5-hour Counseling Consultation below, which can be held in person or remotely, with a college counselor to discuss the options and better understand the road ahead. We offer a wide range of college counseling services designed to help students as early as seventh grade and others as late as senior year.  **Limit one Counseling Consultation per student.**


We offer three tiers of counselors: Classic, Founder’s Circle, and Founder.  To schedule a 1.5-hour Counseling Consultation, select the type of counselor below:



Classic Counseling Consultation

Meet with a Classic counselor whose background and area(s) of expertise align with your unique goals and interests to devise a college admissions game plan.

Founder’s Circle Counseling Consultation

Meet with one of our select few Founder's Circle counselors, all of whom have extensive college counseling experience.

Founder Counseling Consultation

Meet with Great Expectations College Prep’s founder, Jen Kaifesh, who has 15+ years of college counseling experience and one of the best track records in the industry.