“Our tutor really understood how to help my daughter prepare for the SAT. He was able to identify early on the specific areas where she needed to improve, and most importantly, what type of preparation she needed to do in order to make those gains. Thanks to a 510-point improvement, my daughter will be attending Stanford University in the fall. Thank you!”

Susan H. (parent), Santa Monica

“I would highly recommend Great Expectations College Prep to anyone going through the very stressful and demanding college application process. GE is truly a cut above the rest because it personalizes sessions directly to one’s own needs. I wasn’t treated just like any high school student; I was able to focus on my weaknesses and enhance my skills. My tutor was very knowledgable about the intricacies of both the ACT and the SAT. Because of this, I was able to study more efficiently for each of them. With the help of my GE tutor, I scored a 34 on my ACT, a 2190 on my SAT and was admitted to Amherst College (my top choice) Early Decision.

“In addition to helping me in the realm of test taking, GE also helped me explore and discover what I really wanted in a college. My tutor was fantastic for brainstorming and sharing the “ins and outs” of various colleges that I might not have known otherwise. Looking over the past year, I am so grateful that I found Great Expectations and recommend their services most highly.”

Jenn K, (student), Pacific Palisades

“As many parents know, the task of getting your child ready for college applications is really overwhelming. Great Expectations was able to help my son list, prioritize and organize his applications and essays. Through getting organized, he gained the confidence to apply to schools he may not have without them. I was concerned it would be difficult to motivate him, but this was not the case. Because of the respect and teamwork he shared with the tutors, he was ready to work at every session. I could see through the process my son was taking ‘ownership’ of his college applications and college future. As a result of all that hard work with the tutors, he was accepted to one of his top choices. I hope this is helpful to another parent, I really recommend Great Expectations and began using their tutoring services with my younger son.”

Suzanne C. (parent), Irvine

“I was always a pretty average student, and when I first began prep for the ACT, my score was 16. After a few sessions with my GE tutor, my score slowly started to rise. It took a while to get the results we wanted, but with help from my tutor, I finally had a breakthrough — I got a 26 on the ACT! A 10 point jump is almost unheard of, and it definitely wouldn’t have been possible without the help from Great Expectations.

“After all my hard work for standardized tests, I also got help with my college essays. Great Expectations helped me meet my deadlines, taught me different essay composition techniques, and made the most stressful process a teenager faces much less stressful. In the fall, I will be attending Rhodes College in Memphis (my first choice)!”

Zach L. (student), Redwood City

“I honestly don’t know what I would have done regarding the college process (from pre-requisites right to the very end) without Great Expectations College Prep. My counselor and tutor were so supportive and helpful during a very stressful time. My SAT scores improved drastically during test prep, and I was accepted into my first choice school, Southern Methodist University, and for that I will be forever grateful!

“One of the most important things that my counselor helped me with though was narrowing down my criteria for the college I wanted to go to. She asked me very insightful questions about what I was looking for in my college experience, and I was able to create a list of safety, target, and reach schools. She had an amazing knowledge of every school on my list along with the college admissions process itself. My counselor knew it all, from the schools’ academics, to its social life, to the culture of the college town. Highly recommended company!”
Katie S. (student), Los Angeles

“I just finished the college application process — it’s January 2nd, and a plethora of people I know are posting exasperated Facebook statuses about just barely meeting their deadlines at 11:59, or being “so over it”, or having to write four supplements in one day. Great Expectations guaranteed that this would not be my experience. While my tutor was reducing the stress of applying to college 100-fold and making it a positive process, she also opened up amazing doors for me through all of the help she provided. She had a terrific eye for writing topics that made for interesting applications and was clearly a master at revising writing, always explaining my mistakes and offering suggestions in a way that was blissfully easy to understand. I stayed organized and on top of deadlines with my GE tutor which, considering my usual organizational habits (or lack thereof), was a great feat. There are so many bizarre ins and outs of applying to college that stump, and subsequently freak out, 98 percent of high school seniors, but my tutor knew how to deal with them: whether it was a Common App glitch, questions that don’t make any sense, or scheduling (and preparing for) interviews, I was well-prepared.

“I recently received an acceptance from Stanford University, my top choice, and I am 100 percent positive that without GE, I would not have submitted a strong enough application to get in. Working with GE definitely puts any student in the best possible position when the time rolls around to start thinking about college.”

Benny D. (student), Pacific Palisades

“I was fortunate enough to have Great Expectations Prep guide me in my college application process. When I say the word ‘guide,’ I literally mean that every step of the way, my tutors were there to help me out. One helped me choose the schools I was going to apply to and navigate all the applications for those given schools: Common App, UC App, etc. Another tutor helped me increase my score for the ACT by 5 points, which was quite incredible. Applying for more than 10 schools was not an easy feat and was made much easier due to the guidance I received from Great Expectations College Prep. I recommend any student in high school use the services provided by them. 10 out of 10 would get tutored again.”

Andrew K. (student), Tujunga

“Both of my children are blessed with learning diversities. Test taking has always been a challenge, to say the least. With Great Expectations’ personalized approach and positive encouragement, my daughter was able to raise her SAT scores more than 400 points and gain admittance to several excellent universities.”

Deborah S. (parent), Malibu

“Great Expectations did a fabulous job preparing our daughter for both the SAT and SAT Subject tests. Their tutors were always on time, had a fabulous attitude and a thorough knowledge of the subjects they taught, and could convey that knowledge in a straightforward and entertaining manner. They gave my daughter the confidence to overcome her test taking insecurities, and her SAT scores rose 300 points after only a few sessions — an average of 100 points per section. I highly recommend them to all serious students who need to improve their SAT test taking ability.”

Ronald C. (parent), Beverly Hills

“I have lived in Irvine, CA for over 20 years. I am a mom of 2 boys, one son is a graduate of the 2011 Class and my other son will graduate this year. Their high school is very reputable and rigorous, but I know how tough it is to get into the college of choice, so, what to do? After checking out other companies, I decided to go with the one with the most personal accountability.

“Great Expectations has proven to be a perfect fit for my family as the tutors come to our home on a schedule that works for us. I am happy to report and relieved to say my older son improved his ACT score by 3 points and will be attending the college of his dreams and my younger son has improved his ACT score by 6 points! We will be working on essays and applications now that the testing is over and let me tell you, we have ‘Great Expectations!!!’ The boys have confidence in themselves now and I know it is because of the tutoring offered by this company!”

Kate G. (parent), Irvine

“My tutor was very hands-on when it came to my learning. She has a keen knowledge of all the relevant information and really wants to see me excel. She took so much stress off of me by making it fun and accessible. What more can I say, you guys are amazing!!!”

Rana S. (student), Culver City

“Great Expectations is a tremendous asset in preparing for all the different standardized tests and also helping with the application process. The time spent with our tutor not only resulted in scores higher than we’d ever hoped for, but it was also an enjoyable experience. She knew how to manage a very stressful time and keep the pressure to a minimum. We highly recommend Great Expectations to any family.”

Donna B. (parent), Santa Monica

“First off, let me just say, I could have never gotten through the college process without Great Expectations! Having used both tutors for the SAT/ACT and college prep, I truly believe that without their help I would not be attending my first choice school this coming fall.

“When studying for the SAT/ACT, not only did I learn new strategies that only Great Expectations could teach me, but also I was able to meet my tutor in my home or the Starbucks down the street. This definitely made it easier for me because I didn’t have to commute anywhere, especially after school. I worked with my tutor to determine which test was better for me — SAT or ACT — and I chose to focus on the ACT, eventually improving 6 points.

“I worked with several tutors and every session flowed smoothly. My experience was great because my ACT tutor, my Subject Tests tutors, and my college counselor all updated each other on my progress and what study tricks worked for me — which made every session way more effective. During my college counseling sessions, my tutor helped me brainstorm ideas for my essays, edited my essays significantly, and helped me fill out each and every application.

“I referred my friends to GE, and even though they worked with different counselors, they were all SO relieved to have the help. With their help, I got into the University of Michigan, my dream school!”

Dani H. (student), Los Angeles

“In only a handful of sessions, my GE tutor helped raise my SAT score by 210 points (from 1960 to 2170). She guided me through the college application process, first by helping me choose where to apply (she had a GREAT sense of what I was looking for), then by walking me through the logistics of filling out application forms, and most importantly working with me to write all of my essays. I find that Great Expectations’ method is unique in that it makes the writing process infinitely easier while still granting the student complete creative license.

“While I worked with the same tutor for SAT prep and college applications, I also met with 3 other tutors for Honors French, Honors Physics, and the Biology Subject Test. I can honestly say that my experiences with each of these tutors was nothing short of spectacular. They are not only wonderful tutors, they are all committed, understanding, friendly people. During my last minute, panicked cram sessions that would occasionally run as late as 1:00am, my tutors did whatever it took to keep my attention and keep my work rate up (sometimes that meant feeding me chocolate periodically). They were consistently able to keep me engaged, manage time efficiently, and make my overall learning experience very enjoyable. I am now a freshman at the University of Washington and couldn’t be happier! I would recommend Great Expectations to absolutely anyone because I am confident that their tutors are capable of helping any student through whatever academic challenges may arise.”

Justine L. (student), Los Angeles

“I couldn’t have faced the college admissions process without the help of Great Expectations prep. I was able to achieve my goal score on the ACT thanks to them! The tutors at GE prep don’t let you slack off — many of my friends took prep courses with a group of people or in a classroom setting where they were able to get away with not completing their assigned practice tests, and were also not shown techniques that might have worked best for them individually. Working one-on-one with a tutor who knows you very well is a crucial component in getting the best score a student can on a standardized test! I am so grateful for the personalized techniques and attention I had when preparing for the ACT because I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result.

“Great Expectations also helped me immensely with the college admissions process, from choosing colleges to apply to that were right for me, to making spreadsheets mapping out when each application is due, to thinking of essay topics, my tutor helped me through it all. Applying to colleges is such a stressful process, so having a tutor personally help me through every step was such a blessing. I now attend the University of Michigan and could not be happier — and I owe a big thanks to GE prep for this…I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Jennifer E. (student), Pacific Palisades

“I used the services of Great Expectations for over two years and am so grateful for every session. My tutor helped me with everything from testing to the application process. My test scores improved dramatically in each section because GE helped me understand the nuances of the tests and how to attack each section in the way best fit to my skills. In addition, the college application process felt so smooth with the help of my GE tutor. I was confident in my essays and knew that I was turning in the best applications I could. Overall, I would highly recommend the tutors at Great Expectations – not only do they teach you everything you need to know about the SAT, ACT, or college applications, but they develop a relationship with you filled with trust, kindness, and teamwork.”

Jamie M. (student), Los Angeles

“My tutor was patient, outgoing, and a pleasure to be around. Great Expectations broke things down to their simplest form, making the material much easier to comprehend. Thank you!!”

Alex P. (student), Inglewood

“I worked with Great Expectations for both SAT prep and college counseling. I wasn’t really too keen on getting a test prep tutor because I thought I could do it myself, but my mom insisted. After I met with my tutor, I realized that I absolutely did need the help of a tutor; the SAT wasn’t just about knowing the answers to the questions but instead understanding how to navigate the tricks and the phrasing of questions.

“I also really got along well with my tutor! GE does a great job of pairing tutors with students based on personality type. This definitely made studying for the SAT a lot more enjoyable. I also worked with one of their college counselors in the fall of my senior year. She helped me organize all my deadlines for my essays and when each application was due. We worked together to finalize my college list, and she had great additional schools that I had never even considered! She knew I wanted to go to a smaller school in an urban area and suggested schools that fit those criteria. Looking back, I would have been so lost without using GE!”

Alysha K. (student), Newport Beach

“My son and I could not have gone through the college testing and application process without Great Expectations. They made a very overwhelming process understandable and manageable. They were able to manage our concerns as parents and my son’s need to be independent, all the while securing a 530-point increase on the SAT and 6-point jump on the ACT. Our tutor was gifted and a true asset to our family. Hats off to you!”

Margie M. (parent), Playa Del Rey

“Great Expectations matched me with the best tutor I’ve ever worked with. For someone who cannot take a standardized test to save my life, my tutor helped me truly grasp the concepts and different approaches to each section. Not only did my score improve more than 300 points, but the time flew and it never felt like tutoring. She was a joy to be around and an amazing motivator.”

Clara C. (student), Santa Monica

“We used multiple people from this company for SAT prep, college planning and essay writing. Each person was so professional, knowledgeable, punctual, friendly, etc… My son related to every person and best of all, they got results — his SAT score went up 250 points and he got into a dream college. It is so nice to be able to have someone that you and your child both trust help you navigate through the very stressful college application process.”

Jenifer B. (parent), Santa Monica

“I was referred to Great Expectations College Prep from a friend who initially said, ‘This company will preserve your relationship with your teen during a very stressful time and will make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed when it comes to college applications.’ Her referral went beyond my highest expectations!

“The tutors helped my oldest improve her ACT and SAT scores and importantly helped her to explore colleges that I could not get her to consider (she will be attending a most amazing college in North Carolina that is a perfect fit for her). At the end of each session, the tutor would bring me in (yes, I am paying for it!) to share what they did, what needs to be worked on, and what her homework would be for the next week. If I had a concern or wanted my daughter to work more on something, I could avoid teen confrontation and just email the tutor with my concern and she would relate it to my daughter benignly during the next session without it coming from me!

“The tutors were the perfect age to form relationships with my teen daughter, as they were mature yet young enough to establish a different kind of rapport than someone a parent’s age. My daughter ‘bought into’ anything the tutor would suggest because they were current and could read teens so well. My teens completely look forward to the tutors coming over, and we will never forget the dedication of her main counselor who stayed up with her past midnight to help her submit all 12 of her college applications the night before her 18th birthday! This company has high intellect, heart and soul that appeals to both the teen and her parents. They are worth their weight in gold!”

Gina K. (parent), Pacific Palisades

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