Financial Aid Guidance

We are pleased to partner with Smart Track™ College Funding to give our families free tools and discounted services that can save you thousands off the cost of college, no matter what your financial circumstances. Smart Track™ College Funding is a national leader in helping middle and upper-middle income families better estimate, prepare for and pay less for college.

Most middle and upper middle income families overpay for college by tens of thousands of dollars because they inadvertently disqualify themselves from generous financial aid, or worse, assume they won’t qualify at all.

We encourage you to take advantage of the free assessment now – the sooner you begin, the more you can save on college costs!

How can Smart Track™ help you?

  • Get better financial aid awards – both need & merit based
  • Reduce your dependency on expensive loans
  • Forecast costs specific to your situation and student
  • Learn how to pay your share in the most advantageous way possible

Create your profile online or call 818-552-0800 and mention GE College Prep. Smart Track™ will then contact you to schedule your assessment. Smart Track™ offers various programs for families interested in guidance beyond the assessment.

Smart Track™ Packages

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