Meet Our Founder

During her time at Northwestern University, Jennifer Kaifesh quickly identified her passion and gift for helping others maximize the power of the written word. She was asked to serve as a liaison between the university and local high schoolers interested in attending to help the students understand the requirements for admission and find ways to “stand out” in the application process. The university also hired her to assist undergraduates with graduate school applications, as well as to help graduate students and professors alike restructure and polish papers before publication.
jen kaifesh founder
In 2003, this fascination with the higher education admissions process led Jennifer to delve into standardized test preparation, and she joined a successful, well-known test prep company in Los Angeles. While she was impressed with the broad scope of the company’s material, she was disappointed by the lack of curriculum personalization: regardless of a student’s strengths or weaknesses, there was one, and only one, method demonstrated to attack a problem. She quickly found that tailoring her approach to each student’s unique means of problem-solving led to score improvements nearly double that of the company average…and so, in 2006, she left the established company to venture out on her own — and so began Great Expectations College Prep.

Her goal was not just to offer effective standardized test preparation, but to merge her personalized approach to test prep with her insight into the application process in order to offer students a comprehensive resource. In the years that followed, Jennifer hired a variety of highly experienced academic tutors and athletic recruitment counselors to provide students with an even more diverse, relevant range of services in their quest to gain admittance to their dream schools.

Despite the growth of the company, Jennifer still stays up-to-date on every student’s progress and/or setbacks, offering her expert advice and opinions to help ensure improvement and, ultimately, success in the college application process.

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