The STUDY SKILLS CONSULTATION (1.5 hours) – the first step in the Learning Essentials Program – is recommended for students who struggle with time management, study skills, and/or organizational skills and have not yet determined how best to address them.

Students who often find themselves in situations in which test results are not reflective of the time invested in studying can also benefit from our study skills counselors.  The consultation includes the following:

  • Learning Style Assessment
    • To determine the student’s predominant learning mode
  • Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis
    • To determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses in the areas of:
      • Study skills
      • Time management
      • Organization
      • Goal-setting, prioritizing, and planning
      • Follow-through
      • Meeting deadlines
      • Retaining information
      • Managing stress
      • Effective test preparation
      • Effective note taking
  • Goal-Setting
    • To identify the specific improvements the student is committed to working toward
  • Recommendations
    • Suggestions for changes in approach and useful tools/resources to employ in strengthening academic skills

For more information, please visit our Study Skills page.