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If you find yourself overwhelmed with standardized testing and the college application process before it’s even started, you are not alone. Hundreds of families have turned to Great Expectations to manage the process, from the first standardized test to the last college essay. Our goal is to be a “one stop shop” for getting you into college, whether you are starting early and seeking help to gain admittance to a competitive high school or are already in the throes of the application process and need help with standardized test prep, academic tutoring, college essay guidance, or athletic recruitment — or all of the above.

The majority of our staff holds Masters degrees (or higher), and many of them have incredibly strong backgrounds in education. We take pride in granting our students one-on-one access to highly recommended, extremely effective tutors and counselors in virtually all subjects, all in the comfort of their own homes. While we are based in Los Angeles and Orange County, we also work with a large number of families who live outside of California — even internationally — and can certainly tailor a program to fit your needs, regardless of where you live.

Remember, it’s never too early to start preparing — the best way to tackle the college application process is to start early and stay organized!


“Through hard work and the inspiration from my tireless tutors, my test scores raised tremendously and my essays became clear, cogent, and representative of me as an individual. Without GE college prep, I truly believe I wouldn’t have been able to get into my dream school, the University of Michigan! I highly recommend looking into GE College Prep because of their amazing team of professionals and years of experience.”

“Fantastic ACT prep! Highly recommended! Great tutoring, materials and practice tests, all at a great price. My daughter went from a 26 to a 33! Vivia is an amazing tutor! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“We are extremely satisfied and grateful Great Expectations customers. We have used its services for several years, including to advise and assist our son with applications to high school and college. Great Expectations provided invaluable assistance with test preparation, essays, the common application, UC applications and other application hurdles. Throughout the otherwise daunting process, founder Jen Kaifesh, Erica Flener and others at Great Expectations have been consistently well-informed, thoughtful, patient and tactful. They helped keep our son organized and energized, and let us maintain family harmony by allowing his parents to step out of the college application process, knowing it was being well-handled. Thanks to Great Expectations our son ultimately had his choice of several excellent colleges!”

“My tutor was patient, outgoing, and a pleasure to be around. Great Expectations broke things down to their simplest form, making the material much easier to comprehend. Thank you!!”

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