Our Career Counselors have significant corporate recruitment and HR experience and can guide current college students and recent graduates through the job application process. They can help job applicants explore various career options, as well as polish their resumes, interview skills, and other necessities to succeed in a competitive job market.

We offer several different packages, depending on your specific needs and where you currently are in the process:

Bronze Package (3 hrs) – $555 
Silver Package (5 hrs) – $900  
Gold Package (10 hrs) – $1,750  

The BRONZE PACKAGE is recommended for applicants who are new to the job market. A counselor will give detailed feedback for improvement on both an applicant's resume and interview skills, paying special attention to highlight the applicant's unique strengths despite limited work experience.

BRONZE PACKAGE (3 hrs) – $555  

Resume Guidance

  • Creation or edit of a professional resume
  • Review of accepted formatting guidelines
  • Suggestions for succinct, effective wording
  • Identify which skills/experiences to highlight

Interview Preparation

  • Prepare responses to common questions
  • Prepare list of questions for potential employer(s)
  • Mock Interview
  • Discuss follow-up etiquette, write thank-you note


The SILVER PACKAGE is recommended for job applicants who need both of the services in the Bronze Package, as well as guidance in building a strong, lasting network of business contacts, including utilization of online networking sites such as LinkedIn.

SILVER PACKAGE (5 hrs) – $900  

Includes everything in the Bronze Package PLUS:
Networking Skills/Tools 

  • Learn to make and maintain business contacts
  • Create a commanding profile on LinkedIn
  • Navigate the online networking world (LinkedIn, etc)
  • Investigate available positions that fit your specific interests and skill set


The GOLD PACKAGE is recommended for job applicants who need both of the services in the Silver Package, as well as guidance in narrowing down job opportunities. While applicants of any age can benefit from this program, it is most aptly tailored to college students or recent graduates who are struggling to decide on a path. Our counselors will review the results of the assessments and discuss the applicant's strengths and interests and suggest career possibilities that perhaps have not been considered, offering insight into the pros and cons of various fields/industries.

GOLD PACKAGE (10 hrs) – $1,750 

Includes everything in the Silver Package PLUS:
Career Aptitude Test and Personality Assessment

  • Take placement tests trusted by top recruiters
  • Determine your strengths and weaknesses
  • Establish where your strengths and interests overlap
  • Learn which career options are good matches based on the results

Informational Interview Preparation

  • Identify fields of interest
  • Identify potential contacts currently working in said fields
  • Prepare questions for your interview
  • Gain a better understanding of occupations or industries


All of our career counseling services can be provided in person or remotely. To learn the differences between the various options, please review the details below:

Please note that while counseling packages are non-refundable, they are transferrable among other counselors. Rates are subject to change.