Presentations (FREE)

Whether your child is an incoming freshman unsure which high school classes to take or a senior navigating the seemingly countless college application essays, you repeatedly find yourself questioning which you want more for him/her: acceptance to a top university or some semblance of a childhood.

Although it may seem this way, the two are not mutually exclusive. At the end of the day, colleges want strong students, but they also want real people with real commitment to their interests; our goal is to help you create a narrative that is both authentic AND unique.

If you and your friends/neighbors are confused by what the college application process entails and/or what you need to be doing to prepare, we are happy to shed some light on the matter. Simply gather at least 5 of your friends, and we will come to your home or coordinate a Zoom webinar to give a 90-minute presentation on the four aspects of the college application – academics, extracurriculars, standardized testing, and essays – for FREE.

The best part? The host/hostess receives a 10% referral credit for the initial package purchased by attendees! Contact us today to schedule your presentation.