Some students would rather join a highly-ranked team and ride the bench, while others would rather play on a less competitive team and have significantly more playing time.

Most athletes dream of playing a Division I sport, but they don’t necessarily understand what that means for their college experience. The student-athlete experience is entirely different in a Division I program than it is in a Division III program (and varies equally between programs within the same division), and our counselors will help you better understand what to expect and what questions to ask. For instance, can you study abroad if you play a sport at a particular school? What about pursuing a pre-med course load? What happens to your scholarship if you get injured?

Don’t get caught up in the flattery and glamour of being recruited by a top athletic program without considering what you’ll be giving up if you sign. There are pros and cons to every opportunity — let our counselors help you weigh them and make the most informed decision possible!

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