Although similar to applying as a freshman, applying as a transfer student comes with an entirely different set of rules and expectations. Whether your high school GPA and SAT/ACT score will be considered depends entirely on how many college credits you have and where you’re applying. Your college GPA clearly weighs heavily into the equation, as well, and a lot of colleges won’t even consider transfer applicants with low GPAs (the definition of “low,” of course, varies by school).

Most importantly, though, colleges expect you to be significantly more focused on and committed to specific academic and career goals than when you applied as a freshmen. 

You need to be able to very clearly explain why you wish to transfer. The answer will never be to speak ill of the school you are leaving — rather, detail exactly what this new potential college offers that is worthy of such a drastic life change. The most ideal transfer applicants are those that have flourished at their current school — both inside and outside the classroom, and on campus as well as off — but are looking for one that is more compatible with their interests and offers greater opportunities. The least ideal applicants are (or appear to be) simply looking for a fresh start, academically or socially.

Before anything else, we will advise you as to whether your current statistics (GPA, credits, etc) are strong enough to even warrant consideration from your transfer schools of choice. If not, we will help you better understand what you can do to improve your chances in the coming months, as well as when you should apply. If you already “have what it takes,” we will help you tailor your application that leaves no doubt that your school of choice will benefit by having you join its community!

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