If you go to an Information Session at any top tier university, you are likely to hear some visiting high school student ask, “Is it better to get a B in an AP class or an A in a regular class?” Almost without fail, the Admissions representative’s response will be, “It’s better to get an A in an AP class.”

While standardized tests, extracurricular activities, and admissions essays play influential roles in college admissions, more than 50% of a college’s decision still comes down to a student’s transcript. Admissions officers not only look at your GPA, but also at the rigor of your coursework — did you challenge yourself at every turn? Taking Honors or AP classes demonstrates to colleges that you are eager to challenge yourself and are not afraid of college-level material or workloads. Remember, in their eyes, doing well in standard high school-level classes doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be ready for the challenge and pace of college-level courses; taking and excelling in advanced classes is the best way to prove that you are.

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