Campus tours are absolutely crucial to deciding where to apply and, eventually, where to enroll. Of course, planning the college visits themselves can be extremely overwhelming:

  • How many schools should you visit in a single day?
  • Should you fly or drive between cities?
  • Do you need to sign up in advance for campus tours, or can you just show up — and are the tours even offered on weekends?
  • Do the schools offer on-campus interviews, and if so, how do you schedule them?
  • How do you go about sitting in on classes or attending sporting events?
  • Where are good places to eat and stay to give you a sense of the communities you’re visiting?
  • And then, once when you’re there, how do you know if you’re asking the right questions or exploring the parts of a university that matter most?
  • How do you get a sense of what four years at a school would really look and feel like?

Whether you just want some general pointers or you want us to plan your entire trip, we will ensure that you maximize your time at every school. For families in which the parents are unable to set aside enough time for such trips, we also offer the option to serve as chaperones for students and accompany/lead them through the itinerary that either you or we have arranged.

Explore our various Classic packages, Classic+ packages, and Founder’s Circle packages to determine which is best for you!