Whether you are looking to strengthen your student’s fundamental skill sets (reading comprehension, grammar/writing, general math concepts, etc), hoping to supplement his/her education with in-depth exploration of subjects perhaps not offered at your school (creative writing, marine science, etc), or seeking support in a subject or class that he/she is struggling in, we are here to help.

We have tutors who specialize in elementary or middle school education with focuses in particular subjects, and many of them have Masters degrees or higher in their areas of expertise. Our tutors are extremely engaging and adept at proposing various approaches to challenging concepts and will even devise a unique curriculum to help your student achieve at the highest level possible.

If you feel like your student’s struggles extend beyond a particular subject or teacher, consider meeting with a tutor who can help with study skills. High achieving students are often unknowingly frustrated by a relative weakness in an underlying learning skill such as focus, working memory or processing speed. Our specialized tutors can help you to identify the root of your child’s learning struggles and identify a way forward. For more information, please visit our Study Skills page.

We all too often encounter families who waited so long to address a problem area that the student has dug him/herself a deep hole — don’t wait until it’s too late! Solidify the foundation for your student’s successful high school career today.