Tutoring packages can be used for one-on-one sessions with test prep tutors and/or academic tutors. In-person sessions are 1.5-2 hours long, and virtual sessions are typically 1-1.5 hours long (unless otherwise agreed upon).


We offer three tiers of tutors: Classic, Founder’s Circle, and Founder, and packages are offered in 20-, 40-, 60-, 80-, and 100-hour increments. If you are interested in working with our Founder, please contact the office directly.


Packages used for academic tutoring will come with any supplementary books or materials that your tutor deems necessary. Test prep packages include all necessary textbooks and materials (including a GE strategy guide, official study guide, silent stopwatch, binders of additional exams, and a Quizlet set of flashcards for SAT/ACT review). 


All test prep packages also include a certain number of free proctored exams (the exact number depends on the package chosen), which we strongly encourage that students take as often as possible.


Test Prep students — don't know how many hours you want?  Our Test Prep Diagnostic allows you to take one of our proctored exams and then meet for 1.5 hours with a tutor to break down the results. Additionally, once we know how well you are scoring to start and how well you WANT to score, it gives us a better sense of how much help is needed and in what areas.



Interested in working with more than one tier of tutors/counselors? Click here to learn more about our hybrid packages!

Classic Packages

Work with Great Expectations College Prep's Classic tutors, many of whom have teaching credentials, graduate degrees, and/or scored in the 98th+ percentile on the SAT/ACT.

Founder’s Circle Packages

Work with one of our elite Founder's Circle tutors, Great Expectations College Prep's curriculum creators.