Program Overview

Our group tutoring programs — for either the SAT, ACT, or an AP course — provide a great way to balance cost, individualized instruction, and the benefits of a classroom dynamic. Students will be introduced to the fundamental exam content and explore various test strategies, tricks, and pitfalls.

Our group sessions max out at 5 students, which allows the tutor to give each student individual attention — a feat that is nearly impossible in classrooms with 20-30 students present. Even with personalized attention, our group sessions are less expensive than the competition's large classes.

How it Works

Students arrange their own groups and are able to schedule sessions at times that are convenient for everyone, which means students work alongside friends and/or classmates and can select dates/times that work with their hectic schedules. These group programs are available either in person at clients’ homes or virtually, accommodating the unique preferences and needs of each group.

To determine your personal expense, simply divide the total cost of your program by the number of students in your group.

Program Perks
  • 20 Group Tutoring hours (ten 2-hour sessions) with a Classic+ tutor to cover the fundamentals of the exam
  • 2 practice exams for each student
  • 2 individual/one-on-one Classic+ hours (one 2-hour session) for each student to meet with their tutor at the end of the program to discuss strengths, weaknesses, and a game plan moving forward
  • All necessary materials (including study guides, practice questions, and practice exams)
High School Group Programs


Payment options