It seems like every other part of this process is standardized — why can’t the deadlines be, as well?

You’ll apply early to some schools, regular to others, and each one will have its own deadline. Some offer on-campus interviews only after receiving your application, while others require you to sit for a local alumni interview before submitting your application.

Some will even require you to submit “Part One” of their application months before the posted deadline. How do they expect you to know all of this?

Working with someone who’s done this all before and can help you prepare for these deadlines and expectations in advance will greatly reduce the inevitable stress. We’ll keep you on pace and on target, making sure no deadlines slip under the radar.

In one of the first sessions, our counselors will create a large spreadsheet, which is shared with both parents and students. Here, all parties can add, track, and access information relevant to applying to your particular schools (deadlines, requirements, contact information, etc) — the progress of each essay is also tracked here, as well. This ensures that everyone knows what is happening (and when) — there will never be surprises when you work with Great Expectations!

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