Mastering the most effective and efficient ways to study is not only key to a student’s confidence and academic success, but to reducing stress and improving emotional well-being. By clarifying academic goals and teaching time management and organizational skills, we can prepare students for the real-world challenges of high school and college life, such as managing deadlines, juggling multiple projects, and maintaining a healthy study/life balance. Take a moment to consider the following struggles and ask if any sound familiar:

  • Forgetting and missing deadlines
  • Procrastination or an inability to begin an activity
  • Difficulty concentrating during tasks
  • Failure to follow instructions or finish tasks; lack of follow-through
  • Feeling like there’s never enough time to get things done
  • Feeling unmotivated
  • Need for constant supervision or reminding of what needs to be done
  • Inability to find items required to do school work or tasks
  • Balancing school, chores, and free time
  • Test results that do not reflect the amount of time spent studying
  • Frequent tension between parents and students around homework, chores, and studying

Just two or more of the above challenges can significantly impact a student’s academic achievement. Our tutors can help students identify these patterns and propose tailored processes and strategies to address them.


Can I really become a more efficient and effective learner?

Definitely! Most students have room for improvement. Without peak study skills, bright students may not perform to their potential and high achievers risk burnout. As important as these skills are throughout high school, they are essential when navigating the greater challenges of college. Looking even further into the future, the rapidly evolving workplace will require us all to become lifelong learners, necessitating mastery of these same planning, time management, and organizational skills.

How do we know what skills I need to work on?

Your responses to the list above are a great place to start! Our tutors can help you identify your learning style and study strengths, and focus on skills to sharpen. We will work together to bring challenges in line with your dominant strengths.

Why can’t I get help with these skills at school?

Some schools teach study skills and others don’t. In either case, by the time students leave elementary school, these foundational skills are assumed to be intact and academic instruction moves forward whether a student has all of the skills or not. You already know the constraints in your school day and most school curricula don’t have the time to allot to target foundational study skills, even though some teachers are ready and willing to help! We have much more time and the specific professional skills to focus on you and your needs.