Our Founder hours give students the opportunity to work with Great Expectations College Prep’s founder, Jen Kaifesh, who has 15+ years of tutoring experience and one of the best track records in the industry.

Don’t know how many hours of test preparation you'll need? Our Test Prep Diagnostic allows students to take one of our proctored exams and then meet with Jen for 1.5 hours to break down the results. Beyond simply going over wrong answers, the tutor will help determine whether the majority of errors were caused by lack of comprehension of the material (is the student missing key grammatical or mathematical concepts?), lack of test-taking strategy (is he/she unaware of when to guess vs skip, read vs skim, assume vs confirm?), poor pacing (does he/she run out of time and not finish sections?), anxiety (is the stress just too much?), or just silly mistakes (2+3=6).

Additionally, once we know how well a student is scoring to start and how well he/she WANTS to score, it gives us a better sense of how much help is needed and in what areas, and therefore how best to move forward.

Deciding whether to pursue the SAT or ACT? Our Dual Diagnostics allow students to take two proctored exams (one SAT and one ACT), each of which will be followed by a 1.5-hour review session with Jen (three tutoring hours total).

WEEKEND RATE: The Founder bills out at time-and-a-half after 8:00pm PT and double-time on weekends and holidays.

NOTE: While hours are non-refundable, they are transferable to other tutors/counselors. Rates are subject to change.

Already know how many hours you want? Purchase a package of Founder hours with Jen at a discounted hourly rate. 


**Limit one Test Prep Diagnostic or one Dual Diagnostic per student.**

Founder Test Prep Diagnostics
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