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Brigette A

ClassicAcademic TutorTest Prep Tutor
EducationEarned a B.A. in History from Rice University; earned an M.A. in International and Public Affairs from Columbia University
HobbiesRock climbing dancing, beach clean-ups, movies, cooking and traveling
Test Prep
Academic SubjectsEnvironmental ScienceUS History & Government, European History, US History, Human GeographySpanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV, Spanish V, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP Spanish Literature and Culture, French I, French II, Italian (any)International Relations, Business
General Strengthsacademic writing, organizational skills, managing test anxiety, study skills, technical writing, ESL, college-level coursework
Related ExperienceAdmission Interviewer for Rice University; tutoring Spanish to all ages and levels; certified Spanish Interpreter for the US State Department and Municipal Courts of Houston; native Spanish speaker; environmental consultant specializing on reducing plastic waste to protect the oceans; investment banking and private equity in Latin America